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This page is targeted at new site admins and new site members alike. It should focus on providing basic help as needed in the early days by all new users (it should not include site admininstration tasks). For example, how to edit a page - click edit, type in the box, click save. Not how to format the page - too much detail at first; how to create a new page - type name in box, click button, edit page or [[[pagename]]] somewhere on their home page… etc. That is, just enough to not overwhelm, but be useful and make them want to delve more into the more detailed help resources once they are comfortable with the basic mechanics.

"More help" would be a follow-on page from the Getting Started help page, for those that need more advanced features.

These pages have been copied directly from other places without being edited yet. There may be more appropriate pages out there, that I haven't stumbled upon. The idea is to find the best existing documents to help set up a site quickly and to tailor them to fit with the rainbow themed templates, where necessary. Links back to the original documents should be provided, so that the author is credited. If the original document is suitable without being edited then it should not be duplicated, just linked to.

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If you still need help with anything, please ask your questions in the friendly Wikidot Community Forums!

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